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Warlord Saddlebag '93- '03

Warlord Saddlebag '93- '03

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The Warlord Saddlebag Tray is the ONLY full-length saddlebag organization tray available. No modification required, mounts using existing mount points (fits Harley Davidson hard saddlebags, 1993 – 2013).  For model years '93-'03 (fiberglass saddlebags) saddlebag liners are required for proper fit.

Unlike other saddlebag trays that only cover half of your saddlebag, our saddlebag trays cover the full length and width of your saddlebag. When you need to get to the item at the bottom of the saddlebag, simply lift the tray out with one hand.

The Warlord Saddlebag tray is a must-have accessory, and the best choice for keeping your Harley saddlebags organized. The tray is made of ABS plastic and the mounts are made from polished stainless steel.

Comes in: Full set, 1-Left side and 1-Right side tray
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